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Personnel Manager / Supervisor

  • Number2
  • WorkplaceJiaxing
  • Deal4000-6000
  • Release Date2018-07-03
  • ValidityNo limit


Post duties

1. It is responsible for the recruitment, the appointment of the applicant and the reception interview. 

2, the handling of staff entry procedures, the signing of employees' labor contracts, renewal and management.

3. The establishment and management of the internal staff files of the company.

4, in charge of coordinating work with other departments and doing a good job of information uploading.

5, responsible for the work of the administrative logistics category of the various departments of the company.

6. It is responsible for checking attendance and the accounting of salary performance.

7, responsible for some daily administrative affairs of the Department, and cooperate with the superiors to do the work of the administrative personnel.

8. Responsible for formulating, supervising and executing the rules and regulations of enterprise management, administrative personnel management system, process and performance appraisal system.

9. The post treatment work of the employee who is in charge of the turnover, including office supplies, keys, attendance accounting, departure certificate, and termination of the contract. .